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Legalization of Drugs

clock March 26, 2009 22:50 by author Claudius
There has been a recent if not long-standing demand for the legalization of drugs in the U.S.  How I stand on this topic presents some deeply troubling issues for me.  Ten years ago I would have said "Yes, I'd like to see this happen.", but now I am not a child anymore, this process repulses me and invites a policy that could literally destroy me, my family and my mental stability.  I grew up inhaling the substance on a daily basis, but I never felt any peer-pressure beyond using amphetamines to stay awake during school, or to curb my appetite so I could afford the marijuana that I was smoking.  For a lot of reasons I have no interest in marijuana anymore, is that it kills brain cells, exposes me to alternative reality, and in some instances makes me suicidal, which crosses a big personal line for me.  I love my life.... I don't want to destroy my life... I don't want to alter my thinking with something that is processed by a commercial industry for the purpose of recreation. I make my own recreation without such substances, I make my life what it is to me.... sure it has its ups and downs, but its also a wondrous adventure that should be seen with a lovingness for my god and my environment. I continue to enjoy the simple things in life, because they are much more precious to me. It is not cool anymore.... nothing is cool.... cool is a word you use when you have nothing to say. If you can't elaborate on a subject, you have nothing to say about it. When you are "stoned", you have cotton-mouth, are paranoid that someone is watching you that does not approve of your activity, you create things that may seem "cool" now, but when you look at what you did 10-years from now, or even the next morning, people begin to question your intelligence, you lose your social perspective, you find it hard to ackknowledge other peoples feelings, you are as selfish as the same person that lit up that joint with you. You slept past your normal wake-up time, you showed up late for work, became less productive, and you bought seafood when you're actually allergic to it anyways. Any kind of illegal drug was made illegal for a reason, it was the way it made you feel under the influence, it was the way you treated your peers when you were "high", they were just objects of the addiction in you. It was all about you.

The Algebraist by Iain M. Banks

clock March 24, 2009 00:20 by author Claudius
This is a fine piece of science that takes you to a planet unknown, a galaxy uncomprehending, and if there was a solar-system; the book made me escape earth for the time I was reading it. The Techno-scientific reverbering, chemistry-laden terms that twisted my thoughts about scientific possibilities.  Two lovers communicating by tapping each other on the back, was a thrill the way it was explained, sort of a joyous morse-code between two intimates. There is a strong military presense among the Dwellers, kind of giving the feel of freedom-fighters and a countering from the Interplanetary Society. My mind but can only imagine how primitive we are on this planet, compared to the imagination.  To say that Mr. Banks has a wild imagination, would not do him the justice in this book that he so richly deserves.  I found myself lost in fantasy, thinking it would be more about a book about mathematics, i.e. algrebraist.... it means to understand the twists and innerworkings of the fictional galaxies, and forces of a nature typically unknown to our primitive earth. Characters that would retreat and turn into vapor when attacked, or girls young and energetic you can imagine them having pink hair and wide eyes like you would see on speed-racer or other modern cartoons. I found myself lost in my imagination, and I wanted the story to go on.... I think I'll pick up some more work by this author.

The Political Wheel still Turns....

clock March 16, 2009 21:17 by author Claudius
Why does the media still have to say "Politics" every 5 minutes on the air?  Didn't Obama already win the presidency this last election year?  If your an average consumer like me, you might be overwhelmed with this word.  Being an member of the Independent Party, if you can call it a "Party", I like to stray from the party system and call us all concerned Americans. As Americans, no longer concerned with Politics, we should set it all aside, and let Obama do the politicking he has been elected to do.  He was hired to do a job, so let him do his job.  Bringing more politics into the media after an election year is so, for lack of a better word... "lame".... I can set aside the fact that who I voted for didn't win the election, I chose the person who I thought would be best if office.  I set aside my parisanism in favor of making the country better for all of us.  Sure the economy is in a panic, but I think if you leave out the politics, we might be able to find solutions that work for us.  Leave the elections for when they come up 4, 8, 12, and 16 years from now.  Its simply tiresome and redundant to go over and over it, making consumers angry and sick of the whole process.

Welcome to Blogengine.Net here on Yestechnician.

clock March 15, 2009 01:34 by author Claudius
Welcome to my new blogging part of the website.  Most of my opinions you can take in stride..... you may disagree as much as you like.... More on topic, this is kind of an experiment for me to host ASP.Net on my server.... and by gumballs it works.  I really must express my eternal gratitude for the programmer of the software, for not only giving me a great way for me to spill my beans, but also a way for me to create a foundation of the Asp.Net language by example. Oh, what a phrase "by example", that was the motto of Charlie Company with their mascot the Pink Panther, the actual motto was "Lead By Example", words to live by.... If you have any suggestions for improvements to either the blog space or in general, please send me an Email.... it will probably take me forever to find it, but I'll do my best to get you a response or a hearty thanks.

Losing Interest.

clock March 15, 2009 00:14 by author Claudius

How does one lose interest?  Well the rate goes up when you lose your power of negotiation.  Your FICO score hits record lows, so your interest rates reach the sky because you owe so much money. You know you're losing interest (or your marbles), if you seriously think about table-dancing at a ladies club.... well I kind of joke about that.  Is it a Culture War?  Not really.... I think culture has always meant as something you couldn't place a monetary value on.... it is more a balance of what is ethical, moral and socially acceptable.  I really don't mind spending the majority of my life working hard for the pittance (alot of people would say), of income that helps me survive.  If you are happy doing what you are doing, then you keep doing it.  More on topic, though....  what really gets me down are the reality shows you see about people making 5x, 10x, or even 100x what you work so hard to make.... they improve their quality of life, and are visibly successful at it.  Why would anyone want to "compete" for $50,000 or $250,000 to make a complete moron out of themselves on National TV? Shows like "Fear Factor", and "I Love Money" have actually stirred me up inside thinking.... omg.... I can't believe their eating this.... or I can't believe they are behaving that way..... etc.... and I don't see it stopping there.  Why does the commercial industry continue to saturate the media with none-the-less, those cars a normal person would have to use their live savings, or cash-out their 401k to make a down payment for.... its beyond me, they think America has money growing on trees? Look at the internet.... You can signup for what I call scams, promising a way for you to start a home-based business....  some having the requirement that you declare Jesus-Christ as your Lord and Savior, like I haven't already done that, yet? I won't go into religion, it would just make this blog longer.... (to be pondered later.... or awaiting futher light on that topic).  People are greedy..... Smart people are looking for ways to keep working, part-time jobs to supplement their income, ways of cutting back expenses.  I use to have a phobia about going to less-prominent or thrifty grocery stores, like Albertson's or Winn Dixie..... I recently found myself at a Save-A-Lot......  If you go to a Publix just to buy 1.... yes, just 1 can of soup.... You fork over $2.79 a can for that 1 can of soup, at a grocery store that is doing far better than the others...... Now, at Save-A-Lot, I can get that same can of Soup (or something comparable) for .69 cents..... or an 8 pack for $3.99.  I use to laugh at nit-picky little things like this...... Do you really think I've lost interest in spending my money, or have I become more selective in the way I spend it?  Darn-tootin.... I also recently decided to start brown-bagging it for work..... So I thought the only reason why I'll go to Publix is to buy their perky lettuce and a stack of lunch-bags..... their lettuce was perky enough to make sandwiches for the week, but now Publix policy proceeds that lunch-bags are no longer available anymore...... huh?  I guess they think I can get an Arctic purse at Wal-Mart that should last me for the rest of my life, right? Losing Interest..... tradition losing interest..... no tradition anymore.  People are losing interest because of inflation.....  The more money that gets inserted into the system, the more your dollar goes to buy what we used to put in those penny-machines that drove out gumballs at kids while your parents are spending a fortune on an oil-change.  Somebody has to turn-off the "Losing Interest" engine.... make me a deal I can't refuse..... show me how to survive the economy.

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