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The Rock Rats by Ben Bova

clock April 28, 2009 11:23 by author Claudius
Lars Fuchs is the geologist turned pirate, murderer in this sequel to Precipice by Ben Bova.  The Rock Rats are a group of miners prospecting for ores and minerals, trying to make a living or a big financial break usually hindered by interplanetary corporations such as Humphries Space Systems, run by Martin Humphries, the villain that persists to make it harder for the underdog to take him down.  Outwardly lusting after Fuchs wife, and at the same time seeking to eliminate Fuchs, as he has turned into a liability expendable. Competing fiercely with the Astro Corporation, Humphries is finding it extremely difficult to keep his thugs alive, yet he can lose billions and still have the power to feed the judicial system to see thing his way. Eventually Fuchs is tried for piracy and murder, his wife which he abandoned agrees to marry Martin Humphries, as long as he spares Lars Fuchs life, as he gets exiled for another possible continuation to the story.

The Precipice by Ben Bova

clock April 19, 2009 16:23 by author Claudius
Where the moon is considered to be another liveable planet, and the Earth struggling with greenhouse gas issues, Ben Bova has put together a book about the struggle for economic stability, environmental efficiency at the cost of the struggles of the characters in this book.  Mr. Humphries, the villain... inheritably rich, the struggling, pretentious billionaire that doesn't know his limits, where greed justifies everything battling the Mr. Randolph, an entrepreneur for the Astro Corporation has developed a nuclear-propulsion spacecraft that would help him reach the Asteroid Belt which would help the earth gather necessary resources to save the earth. Precious metals to keep the steel industry in full swing, finding himself an his crew at the mercy of nanotechnology, the idea that you can deteriorate a metal with a bug goes beyond the imagination.  The crew finds refuge at an asteroid that provides protection for some kind of meteor shower, where they get queasy either from low-gravity or radiation, finding them swimming in vomit in their spacesuites.  The story goes beyond the possibilities, as the other books I have read by Bova. The whole idea of the earth losing its structure through greenhouse gases is a bit out there for me, but using the science fiction frame-of-mind, makes the book relatable from an Al Gore standpoint.  Science Fiction is the key to the imagination, and Ben Bova delivers a good dialogue in the midst of what you learn in this book.

Orion and the Conqueror by Ben Bova

clock April 13, 2009 00:01 by author Claudius
Orion finds himself in the times of Phillip the King of Macedonia where he encounters many a battle as a seasoned time traveler in this engaging science fiction thriller. The creators again have control over the space-time continuum and use Orion as a tool to keep the continuum manageable by the creators.  Orion finds himself empowered to the point he warns Phillip of Macedon of an assassination plot on his life.  Alexandros the heir apparent or the King himself must die in order for the creators to leave the time period, and Orion is simply the tool the creators use to their own end.  Still struggling to find his love Anya, who is lost light-years from Orion's situation, seems to be the long drawn out ambition of Bova, as I'm sure the series will continue. This is just a stop in time where history is latered to the author's satisfaction, but in the author's note, most everything about King Phillip and Alexandros is historically accurate. I'm not sure what part of his series or volume I've fallen into, but this is a very worthy read. The whole notion of time-travel makes science fiction opening a whole new world of scientific theory, treading on the unbelievable and yet escaping with the possibilities of space/time travel.

Orion Among the Stars by Ben Bova

clock April 6, 2009 12:03 by author Claudius
Orion, a human warrior goes to battle in this science fiction thriller where he revives his crew, (frozen in pods that he thaws them out to bring them to life).  He finds himself between the Creators, the Old One's an army of the Hegemony and the Skorpis. In the search for his long lost love Anya he finds himself in and out of a sphere that is called the Continuum which can be manipulated by God's, Creators and Immortals. Immortals can manipulate space and time and Orion a mere human warrior does his best to end the centuries-old war by bring all together within the continuum.... Web-Spinners, the Skorpis (all female elite brigade), the Hegemony, he tells them to negotiate or die, or they are stuck in the continuum until they find a solution.  An Evil creator finds Orion to be an obstacle that prevents him from taking over the universe and does his best to foil his plans.  The story leaves you asking for more when Orion has lost Anya, but knows nothing of her condition or her whereabouts. He has decided to proceed with his search until he learns the truth.  The book is a part of several by Bova, uncertain where this one falls in the series, but it was a gripping read, I couldn't put the book down.

Introduction to Anthropology.

clock April 3, 2009 20:45 by author Claudius

The Peoples of the World.

 How we worship God, or a deity that helps us cope with Life, and the prolonging of it.  Anthropology is the study of how we interpret life to subsist and survive. I could go through the many variations set forth upon earth and generalize under several circumstances.  There will always be views that are generally accepted, and can explain alot of unknowns. It would make you think of this as a science as explaining the unknown, but it is merely a tool to research what different societies observe a deity based on their needs for survival. Common to us all... we may find there to be one true god, being part of western culture, we are brought up with certain values that are marked as respected values, and find it hard to deviate from them, as our parents find deviation unacceptable behavior in any society. There are two generally accepted deities in the anthropological sphere of acceptance, which would be the earth deity or the sky deity.  As a person who worships an earth deity is more likely to bury their corpses in hope that their soul rises to the heavens.  As a person who worships a sky deity, it is more likely that they cremate their corpses in hopes that the ashes would rise to the heavens, as opposed to their soul.  This of course is speculative, and different societies behave in their own manner to comfort their living, or decide is what is acceptable in their respective cultures.  This is an small introduction for me to explain a broad overview of what anthropology means in this writing.

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