Politics.... You think it would dissolve and drift away, in the past people would go their own way and assume that it's over, winners celebrating and losers back to the drawing board. Ticking these days are a dime a dozen because of the media.  What is available to us now, may not have been available 20, 30, 40 years ago, certainly much longer if you're really that old. I think what we see today is "too much information" or TMI. What is all of the panic behind the political media?  And if there is a continuum, why does it still exist AFTER the fact that a new election doesn't come for another 6 months.  It boggles the mind.  Show me a person who is anti-politics (anti-politics=ic and politic=tic (the way I see it)) and I will show you someone who works very hard to make a life for him/herself and still manages to have fun when he/she doesn't have to be working. On the other hand a politician has not only has to be a good liar, he/she also has to show qualities of leadership, how to escape the media, have perfect timing and infallible rhetoric, he/she has to have a gun in the nightstand when he/she goes to sleep at night, fend off the drug-dealers, etc...  I guess you can say the celebrities might have some of these very same qualities. I can try my best to talk about politics, but it would force me to choose a "party".  In college I'd say to friends.... let's have a party...... we'd get beer, tequila, a deck of cards, other friends, more friends, more beer and stay up until 5am or whenever we decided we've had enough of the festivities, but it was always friendly.  We were in the same party.  We had our differences in opinion, we didn't watch tv, we were having too much fun enjoying each others company.  As far as politics see a party, not quite the same way.... I'm sure the winners are getting their paws on the best champagne that the world has to offer, probably the losers as well.  To be a politician you have to be filthy stinking rich.  Which was probably handed down to them by previously successful politician, which at some point might have been members of law enforcement, lawyers, public officials, mayor, governor, city clerk, etc. I could say I hate politics, but someone would put a label on me and say that I'm a "hater" according to the urban-dictionary. How about "I deplore politics", "I deplore the study of politics", "I deplore what it does to a nation".  I could go on and on, but I'd really like to make this part 1 of another discourse on deplorable politics, which will be my topic of part 2 of anti-politics, or maybe I'll call it "Fed-Up with Politics".  I look forward to distinguishing between the Tick and the Ic, in my next post.