People have a strong tendency to seek a better life, a better way to do things.  You reach a certain level at each phase of your life, and at some level you start labelling things.... we label things to categorize, or to simplify the world as we see it.  I put a label on 2 differentiating types of people in the political world.  The types of people that "Tic", and the types of people that "Ic".  You could look at this like an analysis of an attitude, or even a belief of my own despite how crazy it sounds.  There is also a categorization for different types of customers you expect to get calls from in a Customer Service environment, i believe 5 or 6 different types. If you consdier yourself a Ticker, thinking about it as a general statement, you are quite a proactive person and quite proud of it. On the other hand if you consider yourself an Icker, as a general statement, you feel pride as an unnecessary evil, and are quite incapable of being proactive.  You could say the Icker would be called quite lazy by himself and the general population, and another name for it would be slacker, loser, geek, nerd, square.... i could find all kinds of words in the urban dictionary to describe this phenomenal type of person..... I show you the Icker to display my pride in being one.  When an Icker runs into another Icker its quite a laid back conversation, easy to get along.... they have a passive understanding, and a deeper one as well, a kind of brotherly yet subconscious feeling that nothing can alienate each other. On the other hand, the Ticker..... Destiny-bound.... there is something over the hill and I have got to find out what it is.  The Ticker wants to know about tomorrow before it gets here. And if he can't find out he'll use technology to find out. He'll make predictions about what will happen in the future. He'll need faith in a deity to feel comfortable about it. He'll use his Ticking ability to get things done for others and the end-result fulfilling a long-sought out agenda.  You may find several Ickers finding impossible to be a Ticker, they may not have the talent for it, or the world doesn't accept them that way, or take them seriously enough to label him a Ticker. They may make less-than $10,000/yr. and even if they made for they still won't have the quality of life of a Ticker.  A Ticker is your white-knight..... A Ticker will save the day. A Ticker will save the week. A Ticker will save the year. A Ticker will write this essay, read it back to himself again, and continue adding to the topic (toptic--because there is nt Ick in Ticking to a Ticker), it is a matter of getting ahead for a Ticker. For an Icker you want to achieve the Status-Quo, you give in to routine and feel your analytical side embrace you in everything you do.  But where do polticians come in? If pol-i-tics, or po-lit-ics is what you believe it is, it is probably the most deceptive word in the dictionary. It can be taken either way you look at it, or you can discover new ways to look at it to suit it to your taste.  What's worse than politics is politicians (another deceptive word). The politicians themselves will be deceptive, its their job to be. It doesn't matter what part of the political continuum you are on, politicians dictate the direction of the culture whether intentionally/unintentionally or if they realize it or not, they cannot see far enough in the past to remember it. Government is the system we follow and politics is the control panel.....  If you have a politician that Ticks their way through office you might see alot of proactivity, but most of this is dependent upon the integrity of the public official. Integrity is rare in political science, where the agenda may be geared to special interests or self-interests remains to be seen...... and to divide these systems into parties, may promote competition, but this tends to lead to bilateral decision-making ill-formed. In the world as it is today and the U.S. specifically the nation is divided, maybe not in the Ick and the Tick the way my essay suggests, but in popular beliefs based on deeply founded concerns and issues of the people.