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An Introduction to Anthropology.

The Peoples of the World.

 How we worship God, or a deity that helps us cope with Life, and the prolonging of it.  Anthropology is the study of how we interpret life to subsist and survive. I could go through the many variations set forth upon earth and generalize under several circumstances.  There will always be views that are generally accepted, and can explain alot of unknowns. It would make you think of this as a science as explaining the unknown, but it is merely a tool to research what different societies observe a deity based on their needs for survival. Common to us all... we may find there to be one true god, being part of western culture, we are brought up with certain values that are marked as respected values, and find it hard to deviate from them, as our parents find deviation unacceptable behavior in any society. There are two generally accepted deities in the anthropological sphere of acceptance, which would be the earth deity or the sky deity.  As a person who worships an earth deity is more likely to bury their corpses in hope that their soul rises to the heavens.  As a person who worships a sky deity, it is more likely that they cremate their corpses in hopes that the ashes would rise to the heavens, as opposed to their soul.  This of course is speculative, and different societies behave in their own manner to comfort their living, or decide is what is acceptable in their respective cultures.  This is an small introduction for me to explain a broad overview of what anthropology means in this writing.

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