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King of the Pipers

On the slowly deteriorating planet of Avom, there was an on-going battle between the various denominations of territories ranging between the midwestern sphere (Avenduria) and the upper mountainous zones the Gistumanians called Tricilia, named after the Azlexian goddess of purity the throne was forfeited in favor of what the Gistumanian people embraced as the new economic order for that region. They had embraced this new economic order with the help of Xadarius the Humble.  As humble as he could be, the system was not functioning (or not bringing in enough revenue) to satisfy the Gistumanians, they had to cross borders and carry on battles against the Avendurians and other tribes in the midwestern sphere, to help them grow this economic system. The more wealth in resources they could bring in, the easier it was for necessitating survival among the vast tribe.

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