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Harnessing Energy.

Harnessing Energy, and how it might be approached.  This is an attempt to brainstorm some theories, but from what I understand about nuclear fusion there is a tremendous mass of energy that can be generated it what I have seen on the Science Channel as the Z-Machine. They would go as far as to show isolated photo's of the effects of that energy in the form of bolts of electricity and radiation. If anyone is reading this, please correct me if I am wrong.  According to traditional harnessing of energy you give something fuel, and it responds.  The sun shines on the planet to make the leaves grow, animals partake of the environment..... the fact that life exists on earth, and may not exist on other planes has more to do with the earth's distance from the sun, a great deal more than fundamentalist christian observations, and what we read from previous generations.  Science is never wholly accepted, nor is Liberal and Indpendent thought on several different layers. What many would perceive as an algorithm, may or may not be the right algorithm for the particular situation or solution.  If there were a formula for harnessing energy, I as a scientist would start with the prime number set.  This is where you take the infinite set of whole numbers and discard the numbers with fractions in them after being divided by say 2,3,5,7.... other prime numbers. Working with such a set you can make an inference based on the distance you approach the energy you are trying to harness, but the right material to harness the energy I have a lack in experience where research is entirely necessary. If you could take nuclear energy and make affective use of it right at the source of consumption, for instance gasoline..... you fill your car up with gas....  it is injected, fired-up and makes a set of pistons move up and down to rotate a contraption that make the wheels turn..... hmmm... sounds like a primitive explanation, but the meat of what I am saying is where do we look as a metaphor for where nuclear energy comes in..... it would be the fuel being fired up that causes the pistions to move up and down?  Or would it be the reaction that does the same?  With a controlled reaction, and I say controlled..... if you were able to tone down the reaction to a certain extent it could be harnessed much more easily. I will do more research on this topic and present other theories on my blog.

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