There has been a recent if not long-standing demand for the legalization of drugs in the U.S.  How I stand on this topic presents some deeply troubling issues for me.  Ten years ago I would have said "Yes, I'd like to see this happen.", but now I am not a child anymore, this process repulses me and invites a policy that could literally destroy me, my family and my mental stability.  I grew up inhaling the substance on a daily basis, but I never felt any peer-pressure beyond using amphetamines to stay awake during school, or to curb my appetite so I could afford the marijuana that I was smoking.  For a lot of reasons I have no interest in marijuana anymore, is that it kills brain cells, exposes me to alternative reality, and in some instances makes me suicidal, which crosses a big personal line for me.  I love my life.... I don't want to destroy my life... I don't want to alter my thinking with something that is processed by a commercial industry for the purpose of recreation. I make my own recreation without such substances, I make my life what it is to me.... sure it has its ups and downs, but its also a wondrous adventure that should be seen with a lovingness for my god and my environment. I continue to enjoy the simple things in life, because they are much more precious to me. It is not cool anymore.... nothing is cool.... cool is a word you use when you have nothing to say. If you can't elaborate on a subject, you have nothing to say about it. When you are "stoned", you have cotton-mouth, are paranoid that someone is watching you that does not approve of your activity, you create things that may seem "cool" now, but when you look at what you did 10-years from now, or even the next morning, people begin to question your intelligence, you lose your social perspective, you find it hard to ackknowledge other peoples feelings, you are as selfish as the same person that lit up that joint with you. You slept past your normal wake-up time, you showed up late for work, became less productive, and you bought seafood when you're actually allergic to it anyways. Any kind of illegal drug was made illegal for a reason, it was the way it made you feel under the influence, it was the way you treated your peers when you were "high", they were just objects of the addiction in you. It was all about you.