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My perceptions of a competitive gaming world (Part 1).

World of Warcraft specifically. When you start to play this game you have to take into account the hours you will spend levelling your character, and the implications of the choice of being an Alliance or Horde character. Although it makes no personal difference when you are starting out, you are still learning about the game, and in a sense learning more and more about strategy, tactics, handicrafts, interactions, communication, and yes, war in its rawest form.  What you typically get in the game are two sides of the War coin, Horde (typically evil, ugly, godforsaken creatures including trolls, orcs, tauren, undead, blood-elves, and if i left any horde race out forget about forgiving and may i be ganked to the pits of pvp, bowing down to the lords of humility), and Alliance (typically Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Night-Elves, and Drainei, and the other hand if I left any poor suffering Alliance race out of the picture, I know that they will forgive me, given the forgiving nature and life supporters that the really are). This will be the beginning of a discourse, so if I bore you with it by all means you do not have to read further.  Chances are you 1) already know what I'm talking about, 2) disagree entirely so far and have me marked down as a newb/noob (a term meaning new to the game, etc.) or 3) are legitimately never played the game, and have been looking for some sort of precept before you decide to play, or if you are the (younger), looking for supportive documentation that you can present to your parents, so they can learn more about the game, and let you play (if you deem my literature worthy to do so).  To cut this introduction short, what I wish to delve into further is the nature of addiction, the pro's and con's of the addiction in this game, and how to manage your control not only controlling your addiction, but managing to grasp the difference in reality/fantasy perspective's and some religious/political/philosophical observations of my own that may help anyone make an inference, or decision whether this is the right game for you.  As it is not only a game, it is an online game.... it is an adventure and a separate life from the everyday reality of your own life.  (to be continued)...

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Claudius or Claudius1964 hails from Kalamazoo, Michigan and has his BS in Computer Information Systems from Western Michigan University.

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