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My perceptions of a competitive gaming world (part 2).

Playing all Alliance, all Horde, or some variation of both.  You could say that I don't mind playing some variation of both, simply because I do not get into the bitter wow reality that most players see "behind" the game.  I have found a great deal of prejudice in the game, Alliance hating Horde, Horde hating Alliance.  I embrace the indifference presented to me.  The game is not a reality that I embrace at that level.  I would call a person who plays to one or the other extreme, an X-type player.  This is the type of player who embraces Alliance or Horde exclusively, and will hate the other side to the end.  As far as players that don't get too involved in the reality of the game (fantasy, because the game is just a game), you would be a Y-type player, because you exercise indifference as to what I would consider what Blizzard Entertainment (The money-making corporation prefers to exclude the Y-type player because war "sells", quite likely just as much as sex).  I choose to be a Y-type player because I like to do other things than playing World of Warcraft, like reading books, watching TV, doing my laundry, going to work, the hard cold reality which in the game you would abbreviate as "RL".  Oh, and the X-type player has no idea what RL really is, well they know what it means, but their reaction is "Ahhhh....", and their own wow-life continues in the "PVP" they are planning to destroy the fictional world, becoming "uber-geared" so they can PVP effectively enough to become "PVP uber-geared"..... and to them that is a big difference and the only difference.  Within the game there is no limit to how far you can take it.  (an interesting note: a cable company here in south florida had an advertisement with a specific finite number of web-sites you can visit, where Ironically yet quite realistically, I personally know nothing about a running tally..... new websites are always being added, subtracted everyday.... the internet is just the internet). In my next section I will delve a little further into wow as a reality-game, and the real reality that is your life, and the racial-nationality divide I tend to call my Racism vs. Nationalities discourse. I strongly believe and support the "We are a people divided by nationalities, and not by race." stigma.... For Example I am 50% Dutch, 25% English and 25% Swedish...... I am not a race... I'm a mix of different origins..... my family had different preferences in their mates and I am who I am, because my parents parents, and their parents made it that way by happenstance, and I'm sure there is a tree of geneologies supporting that claim.  (to be continued)....

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Claudius or Claudius1964 hails from Kalamazoo, Michigan and has his BS in Computer Information Systems from Western Michigan University.

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