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Orion Among the Stars.

Orion, a human warrior goes to battle in this science fiction thriller where he revives his crew, (frozen in pods that he thaws them out to bring them to life).  He finds himself between the Creators, the Old One's an army of the Hegemony and the Skorpis. In the search for his long lost love Anya he finds himself in and out of a sphere that is called the Continuum which can be manipulated by God's, Creators and Immortals. Immortals can manipulate space and time and Orion a mere human warrior does his best to end the centuries-old war by bring all together within the continuum.... Web-Spinners, the Skorpis (all female elite brigade), the Hegemony, he tells them to negotiate or die, or they are stuck in the continuum until they find a solution.  An Evil creator finds Orion to be an obstacle that prevents him from taking over the universe and does his best to foil his plans.  The story leaves you asking for more when Orion has lost Anya, but knows nothing of her condition or her whereabouts. He has decided to proceed with his search until he learns the truth.  The book is a part of several by Bova, uncertain where this one falls in the series, but it was a gripping read, I couldn't put the book down.

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