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The Political Wheel still turns....

Why does the media still have to say "Politics" every 5 minutes on the air?  Didn't Obama already win the presidency this last election year?  If your an average consumer like me, you might be overwhelmed with this word.  Being an member of the Independent Party, if you can call it a "Party", I like to stray from the party system and call us all concerned Americans. As Americans, no longer concerned with Politics, we should set it all aside, and let Obama do the politicking he has been elected to do.  He was hired to do a job, so let him do his job.  Bringing more politics into the media after an election year is so, for lack of a better word... "lame".... I can set aside the fact that who I voted for didn't win the election, I chose the person who I thought would be best if office.  I set aside my parisanism in favor of making the country better for all of us.  Sure the economy is in a panic, but I think if you leave out the politics, we might be able to find solutions that work for us.  Leave the elections for when they come up 4, 8, 12, and 16 years from now.  Its simply tiresome and redundant to go over and over it, making consumers angry and sick of the whole process.

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