Chester Arthur Kinsman (named after president Chester Arthur) becomes a hero to the United States by single-handedly killing a Cosmonaut on the moon, had other ideas in mind that would make him more of a legend near the end of the 2nd millennium. He along with other scientists/astronauts found the city of Selene at Space Station Alpha where they manage to initiate a Star Wars Defense System, controlling the earth's Nuclear War and Further Space Exploration as an Independent State he manages to grab the attention of the United Nations and lose popularity with the people. The United States had him pegged as a traitor and unsuccessfully plot his downfall. Kinsman was an astronaut deeply set against war bares the burden of founder with a life support system that he only used when in full g-gravity because he is so weak from the experience he has on the moon in 1/6th g. Among his task of being an earth police force, he had hopes of using weather control systems to control the accessibility of natural resources in certain smaller countries making them more globally competitive. The author didn't go into a great deal of elaboration in weather control, but this is a Saga, and may have been more abundant in Ben Bova's Millennium, or another book As on a Darkling Plain. Ben Bova has created yet another masterpiece that I simply could not put down.